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Beautiful, Healthy Nails

We take great pride in the care and expertise we bring to creating perfect nails for our customers that are healthy as well as beautiful. Our nail dipping powders, gels, nail polishes, and nail extension systems are top quality, as we only use premium products from highly reputable brands such as SNS, Nitro, OPI, Gelish, and Apres

We place a strong emphasis on using products that are naturally processed and free of harsh chemicals and odours.


We’ll create nails for you that are long-lasting, healthy and durable, with an exceptional finish. Matt and gloss finish polishes are available.


Indulge yourself from our range of professional manicures and pedicures. If you're unsure which option is best suited for you and your lifestyle - talk to one of our team.


On natural nails (short-med length)
Removal & application short/med nails   
Long natural nail bed extra from

Additional cuticle work                     
Deluxe manicure (short-med length) 
Deluxe manicure (long nails) 
Super deluxe manicure (short-med) 
Super deluxe manicure (long nails)   
Full set of SNS extensions (short-med) 
Full set of SNS extensions (long nails) 

Repair - 1 Nail (natural nail)
Repair - 1 Nail (extension repair) 

White French Tip (short nails)
White French Tip (long nails)
Colour French Tip (short nails)
Colour French Tip (long nails)

3 colours SNS
5 colours SNS
Removal & tidy-up only    
Ombre two colour art design   






+ $10
+ 35
+ $15
+ $35


+ $10
+ $15
+ $25


Manicure  $62   
Relax with a reflexology massage and organic spa treatment lotion. Let us 
soothe and relax you, with a first-class manicure to finish.

Deluxe manicure  $67                                        
Indulge yourself in a reflexology massage, organic spa treatment lotion and 
a buffing sugar scrub. We’ll impart beauty, suppleness and health to your skin. 
Finished with an immaculate manicure.

Super deluxe manicure  $77
This whole nine yards spa package includes a reflexology massage, organic 
spa treatment lotion, a buffing sugar scrub, detox mask and hot stone. We finish 
with a warm towel and a stunning polish in your choice of colour. Your hands will 
look and feel soft, youthful and beautiful. Heaven.

Regular pedicure  $65 
Treatment includes a heel scrub, soothing foot massage with our organic lotion, 
finished with a gorgeous polish in the colour of your choice. 

Deluxe pedicure  $70                                      
A deeper reflexology massage, organic moisturising lotion and full organic foot 
scrub to reveal youthful, soft skin. Completed with a beautiful polish in the colour 
of your choice.

Super deluxe pedicure  $80                           
Foot pampering fit for royalty. A luxurious 50-minute session with reflexology 
massage, heel treatment, cuticle tidy, full organic foot scrub, and foot mask detox & hot stone.Finished with a warm towel, organic moisturiser and a fabulous polish in the 
colour of your choice. Your feet will look and feel beautiful, young, 
and soft. 


+ $10
+ $10
+ $5

Pedicure & manicure package                      
Cut, buff, shape & polish on toes                  
Cut, buff, shape & polish on hands  
Gel base coat for extra strength                     Gel removal & tidy-up  
White French tips
Gel removal on top of other service 


Regular manicure      
Deluxe manicure
Super deluxe manicure 
Regular pedicure 
Deluxe pedicure
Super deluxe pedicure
Pedicure and manicure package
Cut, buff, shape and polish on toes 
Cut, buff, shape and polish on hands 
French polish (additional) 

+ $5​


Nail art design     
Nail art design, full set 
Children’s nails: cut, buff, shape (under 9)
Children’s toes: cut, buff, shape (under 9)

$5-$15 per nail
$30 - $80


World-leading soft gel extension that is 100% soak-off.

Full set: 1-2 gel colours (short-med)
Soak-off and new set (short-med)

Extra lengt (price starting from)

Extension repair (per nail)
Extension removal: natural nails filed, shaped, and buffed
Cut down and shape






An easier, lighter, stronger alternative to acrylic or hard gel.

Nail repair (per nail)
Extension removal: natural nails filed, shaped, and buffed   




A soak off gel that’s an even lighter, more flexible than polygel or acrylic.

+ $10

+ $10

BIAB on natural nails (short/med length)
BIAB on natural nails (long nails)
Extra cuticle work 
Full set of BIAB extensions (short/med)
Full set of BIAB extensions (long)

Infill builder gel
BIAB removal on top of another service
BIAB removal and tidy up only


Full set with normal polish
Full set with gel polish
Extra length (price starting from)
Infill with normal polish
Infill with gel polish
Full set for toes normal polish (pedi not included)
Full set for toes with gel polish (pedi not included)
Infill for toes normal polish (pedi not included)
Infill for toes with gel polish (pedi not included)
Overlay coating on natural nails with gel/normal polish
Nail Repair (per nail)
Acrylic/Gel removal with buff and shape

+ $10







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