Our team are artists; designing looks based on original ideas and your dream look.

Our team of dedicated technicians use only the worlds finest products, ensuring you’re always looked after like the queen you are. 

Every lash set, eyebrow sculpt, and nail design is unique to you. Every face is different. Everybody is beautiful in their own way, so we treat you all differently. Unique. Beautiful. Perfect in your own right.


Buff it, shine it, polish it.

The claws are out and word on the street is they look perfect.

Time to sharpen those claws and polish up. Here you’ll find flawless artistry and only the best products.


Manicure $55

Relax with our reflexology massage technique and organic spa treatment lotion. Soothing and relaxing, with a beautiful manicure finish.

Deluxe Manicure $60

Treat yourself. Reflexology massage, organic spa treatment lotion and a buffing sugar scrub to leave your skin beautiful, soft and healthy. Finished with a stunning manicure.

Super Deluxe Manicure $70

Ready for the best manicure treatment? The whole spa package: reflexology massage, organic spa treatment lotion and a buffing sugar, paraffin mineral detox wax, finished with a  warm towel and a stunning polish. Your hands will feel soft, youthful and beautiful.

Regular Pedicure $60

Treatment includes a heel scrub, soothing massage & organic lotion, finished with the perfect polish

Deluxe Pedicure $65

A deeper reflexology massage, organic moisturising lotion and full organic foot scrub to reveal youthful, soft skin. Completed with a beautiful polish.

Super Deluxe Pedicure $75

Treat yourself. A luxurious 50 minute session with reflexology massage, heel treatment, cuticle tidy, full organic foot scrub & paraffin mineral detox wax. Finished with a warm towel, organic moisturiser and a stunning polish. Your feet will feel soft, youthful and beautiful.

Pedicure & Manicure Package $112
Cut, buff, shape & polish on toes $50
Cut, buff, shape & polish on hands $45
Paraffin Mineral detox treatment (additional) $15
Removal & Tidy up with normal polish $30
French tips (additional) $5
Gel Polish removal on top of other service $5


Regular Manicure $32
Deluxe Manicure $37
Super Deluxe Manicure $47
Regular Pedicure $42
Deluxe Pedicure $47
Super Deluxe Pedicure $57
Regular Pedicure & Manicure Package $67
Cut, buff, shape & polish on toes $27
Cut, buff, shape & polish on hands $22
French Polish $5 additional


SNS, Nitro, OPI, Gelish

On natural nails $55
Removal and application on natural nails $60
Additional cuticle work $10
Deluxe manicure $75
Super Deluxe Manicure $80
Extensions (full-set) $78
Pedicure $85
Deluxe Pedicure $90
Super Deluxe Pedicure $100
Removal and tidy up $25
Paraffin treatment $15 additional
French Tips $10 additional
Ombre Art Design $25 additional


100% soak off, soft gel extension – A world first

Full set: 1-2 gel colours $80
Soak off & new set $85
Extension repair $10 per nail
Extension removal: Natural nails are filed, shaped & buffed $35


A lighter & stronger alternative to acrylic or hard gel

Overlay: 1-2 colours $65
Extension $78 
Infill $58
Nail Repair $10 per nail
Extension Removal: Natural nails are filed, shaped & buffed $35


Full set with normal polish $62
Pink & white or glitter with gel polish $72
Full set for toes with normal polish $65
Full set for toes with gel polish $78
Overlay coating $55
Infill with normal polish $42
Infill with gel polish $55
Nail repair $5 per nail
Acrylic/ Gel removal with buff & shape $25


Nail art design $5-$10 per nail
Nail art design full set $30
Children’s nails: cut, buff & shape $12
Children’s toes: cut, buff & shape $15


Bat those eyes & knock ‘em dead with some va-va-voom lashes

You’ll blink and no one will miss it – your lashes are just that lush, thanks to us. 

Custom looks and the latest trends mean our lash sets and extensions are the best you’ll ever see.

Every beautiful client of ours needs extra care to make sure their lashes suit their eye and face shape – we want these babies to pop! 

Our lashes are applied with total coverage of the natural lash to ensure your natural lashes continue to grow perfectly underneath.

We discuss the application process with you in full, design the perfect look for you and make sure aftercare is all sorted so your lashes last as long as possible… perfect!

Please note, we do not infill lashes from other salons.


The illusion of wearing mascara & perfect for everyday wear.

Classic eyelash extensions is the application of one silk eyelash extension to each natural lash. Length is customised to suit each person and is determined by the length and health of your natural lashes.

Note: Classic sets will only be as full as your own natural lashes. If you’d like va-va-voom volume we recommend our Max Volume sets!

The Classic: Full Set: $125 (75 min)

To maintain your extensions, infill’s are recommended between 2-3 weeks.

45min: $60 Only for those who have had lashes for 2 weeks but no longer than 3 weeks.
60min: $70 Must use this option if you have reached 3 weeks but not longer than 4 weeks since last appointment.


The ultimate bodacious volume in a lash, with two to six extensions per natural eyelash. 

Perfect for high impact volume and to thicken naturally light lashes. From subtle to dramatic, we’ll help you achieve the perfect look.

Extensions range from 0.03-0.07mm in diameter, for either a soft & fluffy natural look or mega volume. Mega volume is best suitable for naturally strong lashes.

Classic & Russian Volume Lashes 50/50: $145 (75 mins)

45min: $75 (recommended at 2-3 weeks)
60min: $85 (recommended at 3 weeks, no longer than 4 weeks)

Light Volume 70% coverage: $170 (90mins)

45min: $80 (2-3 weeks)
60min: $100 (3-4 weeks)

Full Volume 100% coverage: $225 (120 mins)

60min: $110 (2-3 weeks)

Mega Volume 8-15D: $385 (180 mins)

90min: $145 (2-3 weeks)
120min: $170 (3-4 weeks)



Full Set: $100
Infill: $60


Full set: $150
Infill $85


Full set: $200
Infill: $100


Colour lash: $15
Bottom Lash: $20
Make up removal: $20
Extension removal: $20 with service
Extension removal: $25-$30
Lash tint: $25
Lash & brow tint: $40


Lash Lift: $80
Lash Lift & tint: $100
Lash lift, tint & brows tint: $120


Shape it, sculpt it, work it. Your perfect brows are only an appointment away

I said wow girl, wow, look at those brows. 

The perfect shape, colour and arch, how’d you do it? Find brow perfection here with cosmetic tattoo, shaping and tinting.


For those who want to rock a defined look, brows are filled with one colour for a powdered look. Perfect for those with oily skin.

Price: $549 Includes a touch-up within 6 weeks


We start with a lighter front colour and end with a darker, more defined tail of the brow. Perfect for those with oily skin.

Price: $549 Includes a touch-up within 6 weeks


A natural semi-permanent look that will create perfect brows that last 12-18 months. Microblading uses a manual tool with a small blade with beautiful microneedles to re-create incredibly fine, hair-like strokes. The pigment is placed in the thin layer just below the epidermis. Great for dry to normal skin. 

Price: $589 Includes a touch-up within 6 weeks
12-18 month colour boost $350
18-24 month colour boost $429


We start by using our microblade technique to create fine hair strokes throughout the front of your brows for a softer look, then finish with a strong, defined, powdered tail.

Price: $650 Includes a touch-up within 6 weeks
12-18 month colour boost: $359
18-24 month colour boost: $449


Wax shape: $20
Brow tint: $25
Lash & brow tint: $40
Eye trio – lash & brow tint, brow shape: $50
Henna brow: $70
Henna eye trio – lash tint, brow shape: $95

Colour boost info

Colour boosts are for existing customers only, within 24 months. Please book your appointment at least 3 months in advance.

All Kiwi Beauty brow creations include:

  • A full consultation
  • Personalised brow measurements
  • Shaping to suit your unique face shape and bone structure.


A $150 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking to secure the service. Please allow 2.5 hours for your first appointment and one hour for your follow-up appointment. On the odd occasion, for clients who are recreating the entire brow shape, a third appointment may be needed. This will be discussed with you in your consultation. We unfortunately cannot work over old, permanent makeup, or over any semi-permanent/permanent makeup from other artists. We also cannot perform the treatment on pregnant women. If you are breastfeeding you must express for 24 hours after the treatment. You must be 18 years or over and you may be requested to provide ID.


Get your glow on. Flawless skin is just an appointment away.

Feelin’ flawless? You are now, thanks to our range of beautifying skin treatments. 

Put that filter away – your skin will already be #perfect.


For those who want naturally luscious lips, try enhancing your lip-line with this cosmetic tattoo treatment.

We start by outlining the lip border, then shade into the middle – giving the appearance of full-bodied, kissable lips. The result is a lasting blended lip colour that’s lip-smackingly good.

Price: $600 Includes a second touch-up


Smooth it, tighten it, fade it. This non-invasive skin treatment gives your natural beauty a boost with world-class plasma technology.

Wave goodbye to heavy wrinkles, and say “see ya later” to fine lines and annoying skin imperfections. Perfect for tightening eyelids, diminishing stretch marks and improving acne scarring, results can last up to 1 ½ years! 

We apply a topical anaesthetic to ensure a painless procedure and you’ll see a partial effect immediately after the treatment (with final results at around 6–8 weeks).

Price: Variable from $200/treatment depending on area


Don’t be lax about your wax. Let us take care of it for you, we’ll have it off in a jiffy

Shape it, smooth it, say goodbye to it. 

Your natural beauty is enhanced with our range of waxing service.

Upper lip or chin $15

Lip and chin $25

Underarms $25

Brow shape $20

Cancellation Policy

We greatly appreciate your support of our business. By booking an appointment with us, you agree to be personally bound by the following terms and conditions: 

  1. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. This deposit will be deducted from your final payment on the appointment date. Once 25% deposit has been received in full, your date/allocated time will be reserved and you will receive booking confirmation. Your booking is not secure until confirmation has been sent. If your deposit is not received, regardless of the date of your enquiry, your date may be offered to another client without notice. No date is guaranteed without deposit.
  2. All clients will be sent a confirmation SMS and email one (1) day prior to your appointment.
  3. If you are not able to attend your appointment or need to reschedule please PHONE 0223125840 BEFORE 24 HOURS (email, text and Facebook are NOT suitable for reschedule/ cancellation). A 25% non-refundable deposit will be transferable and applied to a future booking within one (1) month of the original appointment date if you give us 24 hour notice.
  4. All no-show clients, and cancellations WITHIN 24 hours of the appointment will result in a loss of 25% non-refundable deposit.
  5. All no-show and late cancellation clients will be required to pay a deposit for all future appointments at Kiwi Beauty Salon and repeat offenders may be refused a future booking. A 'No-Show' fee of 25% of the total appointment cost will be charged. Should you arrive any later than 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, your appointment will become void and you will be charged a 'No Show' fee.
  6. Booked services cannot be cancelled on arrival of appointment.
  7. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time, especially if you are a new client.
  8. Groups of three (3) or more will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to be made (please emailfor deposit instruction). An invoice will be sent for the booking and once the deposit is settled the appointment will be secured. We require 48 hours in order to change or cancel the group booking.


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